What's new

  • Version 4.9.3 (08/21/2023)

    1. Added built-in functions "FILE_UNINAME, GET_MONITOR_INFO, GET_MONITOR_FROM".
    2. Improved array search command, allowing to return the path, index number or element name of the array element.
    3. Improved and perfected some minor functions.
    4. Version 4.9.2 (07/15/2023)

      1. Added "Timeout loop" to action "Loop".
      2. Index (ordinal) access is allowed for named arrays.
    5. Version 4.9.1 (06/15/2023)

      1. Added support for named array elements, such as varr['name'] and varr['phone'].
      2. Allows for empty arrays.
      3. Added automatic array element appending. When an array element is assigned, if it does not exist, it will be appended automatically. For example, an empty array will automatically add the corresponding element when receiving data with varr[11] or varr['aaa'] as a variable.
      4. Added square bracket access methods for multidimensional arrays, such as varr[1][1] is equivalent to varr[1, 1], and varr['name'][1] is equivalent to varr['name', 1].
      5. Added the ability to add JSON data to arrays.
      6. Added the array_count function to count the number of elements in an array.
      7. Added the array_tojson function for converting arrays to JSON data.
      8. Improved support for Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022.
    6. Version 4.9 (04/02/2023)

      1. The path system uses XPath, with backward compatibility for the previous method. It is important to note that XPath indexes start from 1, while the previous path method indexes start from 0.
      2. Added an action "Loop UI Objects".
      3. Added functions STRPICK_FOLLOWING, STRPICK_PRECEDING, and STRPICK_MID to facilitate text extraction.
      4. Added function HARDWAREHASH to obtain the hash of local computer hardware information.
      5. In the expression, if the text data is not empty, it will be converted to true. For example, the expression "%=true and "abc"%" will result in true.
    7. Version 4.82 (09/22/2022)

      1. Improved some minor features.
    8. Version 4.81 (08/30/2022)

      1. Improved clipboard action, add the option to get the raw data of the clipboard, which can be used for recovery in subsequent steps.
      2. Added an action "Search Pixel on Screen".
    9. Version 4.8 (07/26/2022)

      1. Added an action "Set UI Object Content".
      2. Added search box to Macro Editor that helps to find variables, builtin functions.
      3. Added a category "UI Objects" to organize the actions about the UI object.
    10. Version 4.63 (07/23/2019)

      1. Added built-in functions "JSON_SET", "WND_CHILD", "WND_NEXT".
    11. Version 4.62 (03/04/2019)

      1. Added built-in function "REGEXP_FIND" to search for a regular expression match on a string.
      2. Added built-in function "REGEXP_INDEXOF" to return the zero-based index of the first occurrence of the specified pattern in a string.
      3. Added built-in function "REGEXP_REPLACE" to uses a regular expression to perform substitution on a string.
    12. Version 4.61 (01/21/2019)

      1. Added an action "Call Builtin Function".
      2. Added built-in functions "FILE_ATTACH_PATHNAME", "JSON_GET_MEMBER", "JSON_GET_TYPE".
      3. Added the built-in variable "logfile", "timestart".
      4. Improved Macro Editor.
    13. Version 4.6 (12/15/2018)

      1. Added the built-in function "FILE_COUNT" to count files in a folder.
      2. Improved some features.
    14. Version 4.5 (11/11/2018)

      1. Add the built-in function "JSON_GET" to read json data.
      2. IImproved the some features.
    15. Version 4.4 (08/24/2018)

      1. Add the feather of attachments, it allows to store necessary files for playing in a macro.
      2. Improved action "Wait for Keystroke".
      3. Improved some minor features.
    16. Version 4.3.1 (01/24/2018)

      1. Improved the action "Loop Microsoft Excel".
      2. Improved the action "Find a Cell".
      3. Improved the action "Find Element of Webpage".
      4. Fixed some bugs.
    17. Version 4.3 (01/04/2018)

      1. Added an action 'Wait for Expression", it allows a macro to be waiting based on a complex criteria.
      2. Added a feature of "Skip Waiting" to Player for aborting waiting actions and move on.
      3. Improved the variable system, allows to define the user global variable. It's useful to share the data between functions.
    18. Version 4.2 (06/28/2017)

      1. Added a function "file_pick", allows to retrieve a file name in the folder.
    19. Version 4.1 (10/31/2016)

      1. Added functions get_screen_width, get_screen_height, img_load.
      2. Improved action "Select Case", allows to use the comparison operations, like as case > 0, case 10 to 20.
      3. Improved the image capturing tool, allows to use SHIFT key to select a square area, use CTRL key to snap to grid.
    20. Version 4.0 (09/18/2016)

      1. Added an action "Advanced Input Dialog", allows to accept value for the multiple variables.
      2. Added built-in string functions 'strsimilar', 'strdiffer', 'replace_m', 'replace_sub', 'urlenc', 'urldec', 'aesenc', 'aesdec', 'remove'.
      3. Added built-in functions 'get_caretpos_x', 'get_caretpos_y', 'ismacrorunning', 'mousepointer', 'macro_count'.
      4. Added built-in window functions 'wnd_isexisted', 'wnd_isvisible', 'wnd_ishung', 'wnd_count', 'wnd_find'.
      5. Added built-in file functions 'file_isexisted', 'file_size', 'file_date', and others, see help document for the detail.
      6. Added an option of preloading Player to speed up the playback of macro.
      7. Improved window object and window actions, to allow using the filter in the path.
      8. Fixed some bugs.
    21. Version 3.5.2 (09/30/2015)

      1. Added built-in string functions "STRPICK", "PADLEFT", "PADRIGHT".
      2. Added built-in general functions "CLIPBOARD_GET".
      3. Improved action "Input Dialog" to allow multiple rows.
      4. Improved some actions and fixed bugs.
    22. Version 3.5.1 (08/23/2015)

      1. Added a built-in functions "HMAC_SHA1", "SHA1".
      2. Added a built-in functions "WND_FROMPOINT", "WND_GETTEXT", "WND_GETCLASS", "WND_SETTEXT".
      3. Added a built-in functions "KEY_ISPRESSED", "KEY_ISTOGGLED".
      4. Improved some actions.
      5. Now it's compatible with Windows 10.
    23. Version 3.5.0 (03/28/2015)

      1. Added a built-in function "Eval" to evaluate an expression.
      2. Improved the action "Image Search".
      3. Fixed some bugs.
    24. Version 3.4.9 (10/23/2014)

      1. Added the feature of user-defined functions, allows you to create the custom functions.
      2. Added actions for the array maintenance, includes 'Add Element', 'Remove Element', 'Sort Element', 'Search' and 'Clone'.
    25. Version 3.4.2 (01/23/2014)

      1. Added actions for mainipulating array.
      2. Added action "Exchange Variables Value".
    26. Version 3.4 (11/20/2013)

      1. Added action "Show or Hide Windows on Desktop".
      2. Improved Macro Editor, added the features of adding varialbes automatically, and removing all unused varaibles.
      3. Added global variables "scriptname", "username", and "pcname".
      4. Added the feature of function.
      5. Added math functions, string functions, date functions and logical & general functions.
    27. Version 3.3.0 (09/25/2013)

      1. Added action "Extract Text".
      2. Added action "Loop Text".
      3. Added action "Get Caret (Text Cursor) Position".
      4. Added action "Track Window's State".
      5. Added action "Set Options of Mouse Actions".
      6. Improved some actions.
      7. Improved the feature of auto-logon to allow launching a macro in Remote Desktop Session.
    28. Version 3.2.0 (06/09/2013)

      1. It's compatible with Windows 8.
      2. Improved the feature of auto-logon.
      3. Improved Macro Editor.
      4. Improved the actions "Image Search" and "Text Search Based on Image".
    29. Version 3.1.0 (09/20/2012)

      1. Improved Macro Manager.
      2. Imrpoved Wizard of Recording.
      3. Added actions "Generate Random Text", "Get Text Length", "Get Sub Text" and "Append Text".
      4. Added action "Capture Screenshot".
      5. Added actions "If Window Object".
    30. Version 3.0.0 (07/12/2012)

      1. New UI for Macro Manager.
      2. Many new features for Macro Editor, Print script, Outlines, Bookmarks and etc.
      3. Improved expression module, the logical expression is allowed, e.g. a=12 and b>10.
      4. Added actions "Wait For Image", "Wait For Mouse Pointer", "Wait For Webpage Element".
      5. Added actions "Read/Write INI file".
      6. Added actions "If Image", "Loop Array".
      7. Added actions "Save cursor position for restoring" and "Reset keyboard".
    31. Version (11/09/2011)

      1. Added an option "Play times" in the tab "Playback" of macro's properties.
      2. Added a feature to play multiple selected macros.
      3. Improved Macro Editor, it will show the variable's current value when a breakpoint is encountered.
    32. Version (04/12/2011)

      1. Added an option "Wake up computer" for the scheduler.
    33. Version (03/09/2011)

      1. Added the action "Carry out action on object".
      2. Added the action "Format datetime".
      3. Added the action "Turn on/off display".
      4. Fixed some bugs.
    34. Version (11/02/2010)

      1. Improved the script file format, smaller and faster.
      2. Improved Macro Editor to support multi-level undo/redo.
      3. Added the array feature.
      4. Added the feature which allows a sub-task accesses the variable in the parent.
      5. Added the action "Redefine Variable", "Text Split", "Text Padding", "Text Convert", and "Trim Text".
    35. Version (10/15/2009)

      1. Added the feature "Find..." to the Macro Editor.
      2. Added the feature "Play selection" to Macro Editor.
      3. Added the feature "Play from Here" to Macro Editor.
    36. Version (09/10/2009)

      1. Added an action "Series Keystrokes".
      2. Added an action "Get Pixel from Point".
    37. Version 2.9.9 (06/18/2009)

      1. Added an action "Select Case".
      2. Improved the Macro Editor, allows to set a breakpoint at a specified location within a script.
    38. Version 2.9.8 (05/18/2009)

      1. Added an action "Get Text from Point".
      2. Added drag-and-drop feature to Editor.
    39. Version 2.9.7 (04/13/2009)

      1. Added an action "Log a Playback Message".
      2. Added an action "Find in variable".
    40. Version 2.9.6 (03/13/2009)

      1. Added an action "Block/unblock mouse and keyboard".
      2. Added an action "Choice dialog".
      3. Improved the action "Run" which allows to return the main window handle of the program.
    41. Version 2.9.5 (12/09/2008)

      1. Improved the action "Get Text from Object" and "Mouse Action on Object".

      2. Released the tool "Macro Packager", it allows you to convert macros to EXEs for distribution.
        Please refer to http://www.macro-expert.com/macro-packager.htm for more information.

    42. Version 2.9.4 (09/09/2008)

      1. Added an action "Get Text from Object".

      2. Improved some minor featuers.

    43. Version 2.9.3 (09/05/2008)

      1. Improved the hotkey trigger. Now you could launch a macro via the way of typing a phrase.

      2. Added the option "filename" into the "Properties" dialog, which allows you to change the script's file name.

      3. Improved the window trigger, it could wait x seconds for analyzing a window.

      4. Added actions for the Windows Clipboard.

    44. Version 2.9.2 (07/04/2008)

      1. Added "Window Trigger".

      2. Added an action "Mouse Action on Object".

      3. Improved the action "Play a Macro".

      4. Improved the wait actions.

    45. Version 2.9.1 (05/15/2008)

      1. Fixed some minor bugs.

    46. Version 2.9.0 (04/21/2008)

      1. Improved the feature of auto-logon. Now it's available under Windows Vista / 2003 / 2008.

      2. Improved Macro Player for better performance.

      3. Script encryption is available.

      4. Improved Macro Editor.

      5. Added an action "On Error".

      6. Added an action "File-selection Dialog".

      7. Added an action "Show Tip Text".

      8. Added an action "Hide Tip Text".

      9. Added an action "Wait for Mouse Motion".

      10. Added an action "Wait for File".

      11. Added an action "Loop Windows".

      12. Added an action "Loop Files".

      13. Added an action "Send Message to Window".

    47. Version 2.83 (10/24/2007)

      1. Improved the feature of distinguishing between the return key and numpad return key.

      2. Fixed some minor bugs.

    48. Version 2.82 (08/31/2007)

      1. Added support for the expression.

      2. Added a new feature of Systray menu to play a macro.

      3. Added an action "Call an External DLL".

      4. Added an action "Advanced Set Variable Value".

      5. Added an action "Advanced Get Variable Value".

      6. Added an action "Select a Folder".

      7. Added an action "Advanced Get Variable Value".

      8. Added an action "Input Dialog".

      9. Added a feature "Loop If Variable" to the action "Loop".

      10. Added a feature to the scheduler to allow launching a macro at a random time.

    49. Version 2.81 (07/10/2007)

      1. Added an action "If File".

      2. Added an action "If Window".

      3. Improved the expression which allows to represent CRLF with '\n'.

    50. Version 2.80 (06/16/2007)

      1. Added an action "Search image".

      2. Added an action "Search text based on image".

      3. Improved the action "Put text".

      4. Improved the keystroke action.

      5. Improved Macro Editor.

      6. Fixed the display problem of the menu under the secondary monitor.

    51. Version 2.75 (05/09/2007)

      1. Added an action "Generate random number".

      2. Added an action "Set emulation level", allows to change the emulation level during playback.

      3. Added a feature which allows to emulate mouse and keyboard activity at the hardware level.

      4. Added a feature "Import script files" to the macro manager.

      5. Improved the action "Put text".

      6. Improved the action "If color".

      7. Improved the logging feature.

    52. Version 2.71 (04/07/2007)

      1. Windows Vista compatibility.

      2. Improved some features and fixed some bugs.

    53. Version 2.7 (03/09/2007)

      1. Added a tool "Pick mouse position" for picking a several of mouse coordinates.

      2. Added a global variable "error" for the result of execting the previous step.

      3. Added an option "View Delay Value of Action" to allow show the delay value of the actions in Script Editor.

    54. Version 2.6.4 (01/28/2007)

      1. Improved the variable, allows use \% to represent % and use \\ to represent \.

      2. Improved the trigger and schedule, allowed to assign the play parameters for every rule.

      3. Added an option for hotkey, which allows to pass the key through to the application.

    55. Version 2.6.2 (01/07/2007)

      1. Macro Manager supports password protection.

      2. Fixed a display error on scheduler.

    56. Version 2.6.1 (01/07/2007)

      1. Added Getting Started for the novice.

      2. Fixed the bug which causes "Goto" failed in the version 2.

    57. Version 2.6.0 (12/18/2006)

      1. Added an option of switching the skin to Windows Appearance.

      2. Added the shortcut view, it makes using macro manager more easier.

      3. Added an instruction "If color".

      4. Added an instruction "Wait for Keystroke".

    58. Version 2.5.3 (12/07/2006)

      1. Add a feature to the record monitor window, it allows to change the position mode during recording.

      2. Add a feature to allow play the sound before/finish recording, it is very useful under recording game activity.

    59. Version 2.5.2 (12/03/2006)

      1. Many improvements to the Recorder, it is more powerful and smart than before.

    60. Version 2.5.1 (11/29/2006)

      1. Improved the Macro Service to allow it running under the any user account.

      2. Fixed some bugs.

    61. Version 2.5.0 (10/26/2006)

      1. Added many flow instructions, "If Variable/Else/EndIf", "Loop/EndLoop/Exit Loop/Continue Loop".

      2. Added the instruction, "Mouse Activity".

      3. Added the instruction, "Wait for color".

      4. Added a feature to convert several of mouse/keyboard actions into one "Mouse/Keyboard Activity".

      5. Allows "Copy/Paste" between Macro Editor instances.

      6. Added a feature to format the actions view in Macro Editor.

    62. Version 2.3.1 (08/30/2006)

      1. Added an instruction "Play a Macro" to play a second macro within the current macro.

    63. Version 2.3.0 (08/22/2006)

      1. Added a feature that allows to group script files.

      2. Allows more than one schedule rules to added on a macro.

      3. Added Hotkey Panel, Trigger Panel and Scheduler Panel to manager triggers, scheduler and hotkey in an easy way.

      4. Redesigned Interface to fit all new features.

      5. Improved the auto-logon feature, more security than before.

      6. Added an option to the hotkey to make it available only when a specified window is active.

      7. Added a feature to start or stop Macro Service within Macro Manager.

      8. Added several new ways to view macro items in folders, includes List view, Icons view, Title view and Details view.

      9. Improved many of minor features.

    64. Version 2.1.4 (10/10/2005)

      1. Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder was released as a lite version of Macro Expert.

        For more information about the difference between Macro Expert and Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder, please click here.